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WY1272 from March

Hi All,
I’ve got a brew date coming in in a couple weeks and have a March WY1272 Amer Ale II. Here’s my thought. I make a 1L starter with it, use it and also use a US-05. Would I still pick up some of the flavors of the 1272? Should I NOT use it due to the date? What can I expect?
Thanks, Mike

You can expect the 05 to overtake the liquid yeast all together.

You’ve got plenty of time to step up the yeast to be ready for brewday.

Just make a starter with the 1272. Maybe a 1L then step up to a 2L. Don’t know the OG of what you’re brewing, but you have time.

That’s great news. 1272 really makes this recipe shine!

@ Dan, this will be a 10-gal batch half with 1272 and half with 3522! Can’t wait for a little BIPA :slight_smile:

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