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WY 3655 B. Schelde - what is it good for?

I’ve been trying a variety of belgian yeasts over the past two years and now have WY3655. I’ve been trying to get a sense of what it might be most appropriate for and most posters use it for a belgian pale ale. I can’t determine from the posts or WY website how this yeast compares to the other standard belgian yeasts or what its flavor profile is (ie, ester, phenolics). Has anyone tried it for brewing belgian blonde, strong golden or tripel styles? Any advice on fermenting temp also?

Any successful recipes using this yeast for the above three styles I’m interested in would be greatly appreciated.


After I made a perfect Koninck clone with it, I brewed a Belgian Dubbel. It was a decent beer, but I prefer other Belgian yeasts for this style. It had a little bit too much bubblegum for my taste.

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