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Wy 2007 Pilsen Lager or WLP940 Mexican Lager?

Looking/hoping to do a couple low ABV, light crisp lagers. Something such as NB American Lager kit. Original plan was 2007 but I’m now intrigued by 940. Any users of both, or either, have any recommendations? Thanks!

2007 is a very easy to use strain, and gives really great results. I’d imagine 940 is a “thumbprint” of either that same strain, or Weihenstephan 34/70 (Wyeast 2124, WLP830).

None of the above. The WL940 is an excellent yeast but would not be my first choice for those styles as it’s more of a match for Vienna and other malty brews. The WY2007 is the AB strain and I’m just not a fan of acetyladehyde. If you already have them on hand then I side with the 940 but if you are placing an order my choice would be the WY2042 first and the 2035 second. From the White Lab selections it would be WL802. :cheers:

2007 doesn’t put out excessive acetaldehyde unless you encourage it to do so. Proper lagering and conditioning produces a very crisp, clean lager. 2124 is even better, but 2007 still makes an outstanding crisp American lager.

What could I expect from the 940? Slightly dryer? Is there an available equivalent to Wyeast 2105 Rocky Mountain Lager?

So it sounds like 2124 is agreed to be better than 2007. Better than 2035? I’ve used 2124 and wanted to try something new. Haven’t even considered the Danish 2042. hmmm

I think I’m going to have yeast dreams tonight.

2035 has a lot of character. It’s great for CAP. 2042 is from Miller, I’ve not used it. WLP802 has worked pretty well.

I’ve not used 2007, but I’ve used WY 2278 and WLP 940 for the same grain bill, and prefer the 940. Both produced a nice crisp clean yello lager, but there was just something better about the 940.


Thanks for all the input. 802 is out of stock. I’m not a miller fan, at all (gets me sick) so 2042 is out. I’m a fan of coors light so if I could get 2105 that’d be the winner. I’m leaning towards 940 and trying not to pull the trigger yet.

2042 is the Carlsberg yeast. Miller?, maybe they use a similar strain but the 2042 is an excellent basic lager yeast. :cheers:

Kristen England has it listed as Miller via Carlsberg.

He could be wrong. Some on the chart are.

2105 hasn’t been out for a long time. I highly doubt you’ll be able to find it. I think you will be just fine with any of the choices you’ve mentioned. The sensory profile that the big brewers get from their yeast is very hard to replicate at home, so I wouldn’t worry about the beers you make turning out like theirs. Too many variables that you can’t replicate.

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