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WTF is this?


This is a secondary. Theres no dry hops. The beer is around 4 weeks old. I rarely secondary but I sanitized like I would anything else. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Sorry the pic is so big.

Impossible to say. Your picture quality is poor and whatever that is, it hasn’t developed much. May just be escaping CO2. If you’re worried, bottle/keg it immediately and see how it comes out. At four weeks, I’m sure it’s ready.

I dont know if you can tell from the picture but they are round and white spots. Yes I was thinking of kegging it asap so I could get the temp down. I’m sure it will be fine, it tastes fine right now. I wanted to hold off on kegging for another week because I was waiting for a special occasion and I wanted to dry hop the keg and have it as fresh as possible. Oh well. Thanks!

image is to poor to be able to tell, could be nothing or it could be a pellicle forming

Given that it appears to be forming in a ring that matches where yeast settle on the bottom of the fermenter I’d hazard a guess that it is just CO2 lightly bubbling up from the settled yeast. I’ve seen the same thing on my RIS that I do once a year and secondary for 8 months.

i just realized that it was a secondary…after actually reading…tough call, better picture would help.

if it were me, i would let it sit longer and see, as i have no interest in transfering a contaminaint to my hoses or keg lines, seals, etc.

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