Wrong yeast picked up

I’m kind of a newbie, have a half dozen extract batches under my belt. Not a bad one yet, I might add.

I have 2 kits to brew, one is an Irish Red, the other a session IPA. For some stupid reason, I picked up the wrong yeast, and am wondering what effect that will have on the end product. I think what happened is the store looked at the number wrong, gave me 007 instead of 001. It’s been a month or so, so don’t want to bring it back, my bad, no big deal I didn’t check it.

Irish Red - suggested yeast - Danstar Nottingham or Wyeast 1450 Dennys Fav 50.

Session IPA - suggested yeast - Wyeast 1056 American Ale or White Labs WLP 001 California Ale Yeast.

The yeast I have is White Labs Dry English Ale WLP007.

Would one of these be OK to use the Dry English Ale with? Any hints on what it will do to the taste?

I my opinion, that yeast would be fine with the Irish Red. I believe it would give you a similar profile to the Notty.

007 should work with both. If I remember correct, it is a lower ester producing English yeast, close to what stone uses. I wouldn’t worry about it and just use it.

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Ditto on the chosing the red.

BUT The IPA could be very interesting too, depending on the hop selection. Nothing too West Coast, but remember the original IPAs were English Ales…

I’ve even seen SA-04 as the dry yeast choice on some IPA recipes.

I use the 007 in IPAs all the time.