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Wrong hops

I brewed a ipa last week. I was checking my hops for my next brew and realised I use the wrong hops at the 0 min addition. The grain was 90 percent 2 row 5 percent c 60 and 5 percent maris otter. The hop were .75 bravo at 60, 1oz simco at 20 min 1 oz of crita at 10 min 1 oz cenntenal at 0 min and 1 oz azzaca at 0 min. I replaced the azzaca with tettnang. How bad do you think it will be?

Sounds good. There will be a slight diff, whether you can pick it out or not is another thing. Save a couple of bottles from this batch and make it the original way and have a side by side taste test with your friends to see the diff. You can’t have enough beer around. Don’t be hard on yourself, this is certainly not a big mistake. I think it should taste fine.

It’s going to be different, that’s all. Don’t worry yourself, just enjoy.

You made a new and completely unique IPA. You may even like it better than the original. As someone else said, now you’re going to have to brew the original and compare. Damn…forced to brew again huh…

The problem is the drinking part if you ask me… :wink:

Thanks everyone. I will post in a couple weeks and let you know how it turns out.

Totally agree. It’ll likely be great, and as has already been pointed out you may wind up liking it better that the recipe as written.

I certainly have my own favorite combo of hops for IPA (mainly “old school” varieties, taking the cue from my beloved and long gone Ballantine IPA) but I have on occasion had to substitute for my preferred varieties. While certain aspects of the final character would of course vary, no substitution or combination I’ve ever used resulted in a huge difference from that to which I was accustomed…in fact, the differences were usually quite subtle.
Differences would probably be much more noticeable if the beer is consumed young and green (as is the current fad with “American” IPA).

But for a proper traditional IPA, the differences in the hop varieties will be at least somewhat less apparent since if done right, there will still be plenty of bitterness left after 8-12 months of aging, but the ‘greener’ hop characters will have aged out.

Thanks everyone. The Ipa came great. I will be making this one again.

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