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Wrong abv

We did brew friday a ipa ale. And did a late addition of lme during the boil. Told my partner. Ad only 3 lbs of lme. I went out to get ice. Came back. He did add the total. 6 lbs of lme. Ok not the plan. But hey damage done. Now a total of 12 lbs of dme and lme. Tolate to change this. So keep moving on. Had only. 1 yeast strarter ready. Other one still on stirplate. Og grav. Should be. 1.055. Did reading ones done. Came out to. 1.075. Did transfer to fermenting bucket. Blow hose atached. But now. 36 hours later no blow hose action. So did add the extra starter. This morning. Question. Am i still ok fermenting wise. Plan to take a grav sample reading. Wedness day it does worry me.

You shouldn’t need to worry… yet. The yeast may be in shock due to so much sugar. If yer sanitation practices are good, and yer bucket is sealed well, you could make it til monday before the anxiety should kick in… Keep a close eye on it and have yer second batch of yeast ready soon…. Any left from a previous brew? Sneezles61

Got extra starter ready to go.

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well got sleepless night over it did took a sample this morning friday og 1.075 today at three in the morning a grav of 1.050 and krausen going on

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