Wow that was quick

So I brewed a dry irish stout with WY1084 on Tuesday. OG was 1.044. Pitched around 3:00pm. It was at full krausen the following morning. The next day I got home from work and the krausen had completely dropped. I took a gravity reading just for fun and it was at 1.012. Kept the ferm temp at a solid 64 the entire time.

I assume I’ll get a couple more points out of it but has anyone ever had a yeast finish this quick? It’s the first time I’ve made a beer below 1.050 so maybe this is normal for such a small beer but still I was amazed at the speed of this fermentation with no detectable esters or fusels.

Yup! Last time I made a DIS with 1084, same thing happened. I was convinced something was wrong so left it for two weeks, no change. It was done.

Oh yeah, that yeast is very fast. 36-48 hours is quite common.

Culturally it makes sense. The faster the fermentation, the sooner the Irish can start drinking :cheers:

I just did an Irish Red with 1084 and had the same experience. About 36 hours and it was done. I raised the temp to 68 for two days after that then cold crashed it. Now carbing in the keg. Quickest beer I ever made.

I gave up on that yeast years ago after continually experiencing diacetyl and pineapple esters. Who knows, maybe it was my fault.

I’m intrigued… that sounds like an awesome thing to put into secondary with some brett!

Hey Matt, did you make a starter, or right out of the pkg? That’s awesome.

I made a small starter cause the yeast manufactured date was over 2 months