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Wow that fermented out

So just a little rant. I brewed two weeks ago. Just want to reiterate the efficiency of Nottingham.

8lbs 2 row
1lb biscuit
1oz centennial (60)
1oz fuggle (10)
1 oz fuggle (0)

Mashed at 148 for 90 minutes. My system gets me right at 70% so I nailed my 1.040 OG. Was looking for a light easy to drink while brewing beer. My 7.5 abv brews tend to be a bit too much to pound from time to time. We’ll I certainly got my light since it fermented out to 1.000. Ended up getting more abv out of it than expected but dang. I know I have options if j prefer a bit more body. Just wanted to reaffirm the power of Notty yeast. :slight_smile:

You got 100% attenuation? That beer is going to be bone DRY.

I was a little shocked when I saw it. Had to double check to make sure. I’ve had cider and wine ferment that dry but never beer

If had some yeasts go low .004 and lower when mashing under 150 now I mash around 156 and have stayed around .010 which works for me

Just got it in the bottle and got a little taste test. Definitely a heckuva lot thinner than most my other beers but definitely drink able like i was hoping. The biscuit malt added a nice touch. The eXtra percent abv i want expecting is kinda nice too. I usually mash 152 to 156 for most other beers.


So a little update after 2 weeks in the bottle. The beer is insanely drinkable and I got exactly what I wanted out of it. The interesting thing I have never noticed before, maybe because my brews are usually either hop or malt forward, is that the depth is incredible for being dry. When I first pour cold, I get the fuggle hop taste. About halfway through as it warms up, the hop flavor gives way to the biscuit flavor. All in all a successful brew.


Awesome looking beer

That picture doesn’t really do it justice either. Bad lighting but with the right lighting it is one of my lightest beers while also being sparkling clear other than condensation on the glass. All without a secondary. Really shakes my “gotta secondary to make as clear as possible” philosophy. What’s next? Fly sparging is totally not worth the time?

First, I would have turned the glass so as not to read the name… Yes that is an incredibly fine looking brew. I’ve not had many brews ever finish below .005. With that said, I would bet it does get a bit complex in flavor after it warms up. I would be envious to have brewed that. Can you do a repeat? There is a great challenge… Good work. Sneezles61

Haha. Borrowed that glass from Chili’s one time. I just keep forget to return it… In the past I’ve had very good luck with replicating. My buddies and I would buy a sack and replicate 4 or 5 batches. I’m hoping to nail this one again with my first foray into 10 gal batches.


Slight update. One of my bottles was exposed to a bug. Not sure if it’s wild around my current are or if it traveled in one of my dozen moves over the last 6 years but I had one of these beers catch a cold. I swear this single brew ended up tasting like a peach lambic. As far as bottle infections fo, this is a winner. That being said I still plan on replacing the o ring and scrubbing the bottle.

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