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Wow it keeps getting better!

My first brew was Caribou Slobber. I let it go in the secondary a while longer than expected because it had such active fermentation so quickly.

I kegged that batch probably 4 weeks ago along with an Irish Draught Ale.

I drank several pints of the Caribou Slobber then got into the Irish Ale. This past weekend I went back to the Caribou Slobber after drinking the Irish Ale for a couple of weeks and man what a difference it made. I thought it was pretty good from the beginning, but it is a very nice full flavored beer now! Just like I like it. Unfortunately, that being one of my first kegs, it is running low.

The good thing is, I have 3 others in the pipeline - 1. Dead Guy Clone 2. Basic Brown Ale 3. Chimay Blue!

Sounds like I may be opening up a spot for another one here real soon!!!

You’ll find every keg gets extremely tasty right before it blows. I just hate that hissing sound. But theres always one right behind it. You’ve got a nice stable of brews coming up. I have a helles, a German pils, a rye pale ale, an APA, and jsut carbing a hefeweizen. Just blew my bitter and the rye pale is close I think.

LOL we have to keep many in the pipeline. Caribou Slobber is one of my favorites. I have two AG kits to do very soon. Have to finish up bottling for specialty beers. I usually keg the slobber :slight_smile:

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