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Would you use WLP002 in a Wee Heavy?

I don’t have any experience with the Scottish yeast and generally prefer 002 to the dry English yeasts. Can 002 handle 1.085 OG?

I don’t think it would get you Wee Heavy.
Might be able to fake it with enough crystal malts to end up 65% attenuated though.

I’ve made Wee Heavy with a variety of yeasts including WLP002/WY1968.
The batches in which I used the 00/1968 came out great. You just have to make sure you rouse the yeast into suspension daily. Doing that, attenuation has never been a problem for me with this yeast. I can definitely say that the Wee Heavies I’ve made with 002/1968 were particularly nice after a year or so of cold bulk aging.

A simple grain bill of 70% Pale Malt and 30% Munich malt is all that’s needed, and hop it according to your own preferences. I like to shoot for an OG of around 1.085 and keep the hops at or under 10 IBU…but it’s all pretty much open to interpretation. There are indications that historically such beers were not necessarily always lightly hopped, though my own preference does run towards a rich malty emphasis (but without any overt ‘sweetness’)…for me, definitely less hop emphasis than most other brews.

I can’t think of any reason for you to not give the 002 a try.
Besides, you won’t know if you like it unless you give it a spin. :cheers:

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