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Would you do it? Sour Beer Experiment

I’ve brewed up a batch of Belgian blond that I think is a well made beer, but I just don’t like the phenolic character of the yeast. I’ve got a five gallon keg of it.

Here’s what I’m thinking about doing: Rack part of the keg into a 3 gallon carboy, pitch some dregs I’ve been saving and forget about it for 6 months or more. My friends can drink the remaining two gallons.

Here’s the only reason I hesitate: FG was 1.005. That’s not a lot for the bugs to work with.

Personally I don’t think I really have anything to lose.

What was OG? Could you maybe give them something else to munch on?

That’s a good idea. I could make up a small amount of wort with a short high temp mash and some crystal for flavor.

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A while back I did a 1.072 saison with wyeast 3711 that went down to 1.006 and turned out great. I split off two growlers worth and soured with Jolly Pumpkin Bam Bier and La Roja dregs. I never took a subsequent gravity reading but both batches got nice and tart with flavors and aromas similar to the respective JP beers. Brett and bugs would have plenty to work with at 1.005, but you may need to give it more time than six months aging for the brett/bugs to work and create an interesting flavor profile.

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