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Would this work

For a pale ale recipe … Or what style would you call in

8 pounds 2- row
1pound caramel 10 L
1 pound Belgium spiecal B
1/2 pound catapils

Chinook and cascade hops…


Personally I would seriously rethink the lb of Special B. Try 1/4 lb to start and take it from there. Also a lb of crystal and 1/2 of carapils is going to give you a lot of unfermentable sugar.

Of course, it’s your beer so you can try what you want.

kinda depends on where and how much you use for the hops
oh, and i’ve never used catapils :stuck_out_tongue:

With 24% crystal malt, I’d call it an undrinkable mess. :wink:

Well, I wouldn’t go that far :shock:
I’ve tasted some delicious–actually, make that amazing– porters that had 20% or more crystal.

But if in fact you’re shooting for a pale ale of any pedigree, I would tend to agree that cutting back on some of the crystal, carapils, and SpecialB might be a very good idea, unless you’re looking for a fair amount of sweetness in the finished brew.

Thank you

I am not sure about the Lb of Crystal, but I would drop the Special B dramatically. Maybe 2-4 oz at most.

I brewed something very similar just a few weeks ago and kegged it last weekend. I really shot low on my grain bill and OG was really low. I was shooting for a mild/pale kinda beer using stuff I had on hand. It turned out to be an Amber(ish). WAY darker than I thought. That Special B and C40 I used really did more coloring than I (and beersmith) estimated. May not turn out to be the best in the world…but I used to drink Busch Light…wow I was an idiot…

6# 6-Row “Riverbend Heritage” (Local Maltster in Asheville, NC)
1# Crystal 40
.25# Special B

.5 Pearle @ 60
.5 Willamette @ 60
.5 Pearle @ 10
.25 Willamette @ Flameout

WLP001 Cali Ale Yeast
OG - 1.030
FG - 1.008

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