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Worth the cost?

I have a generic Brinkmann turkey fryer and saw a replacement hose for sale that increased the BTUs by 10,000 I think. Is it worth it? Not sure how much 10k would help and what does it do to propane usage? Thanks!

I would two things first though.

  1. how much was the brinkman fryer originally?
  2. how much is the replacement hose/regulator?

This thread has me interested! I bought my turkey fryer after the holidays on clearance and about stole it. (~$ 20.00)

If I could give it a 10k boost reasonably that would be awesome!

The fryer was actually free to me as a Christmas gift and the hose costs 25 bucks. But do they burn more fuel faster and so costs more over the long term? Anyone have experience with this?

Well, its btu’s+ in/btu’s out. You will need to consume a little more than 10,000 more btu’s of stored energy in the gas at full flame to get the 10,000 btu’s of heat out of the burner, so yes. At full flame. But being able to boost the heat will give you much more use of the burner and you can always turn it down.

Can you give a source for this hose?

Home Depot online is where I found it.

I don’t know what a “generic Brinkmann turkey fryer” is but I would save my money. A typical turkey fryer with a 10 psi regulator puts out around 55k btu’s. Going to 65k btu’s is not going to be a noticeable difference. I used my 10psi burner for 8 yrs doing 5 gal full boils (around 6.5 gal preboil) with no problem. When I moved to 10 gal batches, I upgraded to a Banjo burner with a 30 psi regulator only because the pot that I bought was physically too big for my old burner.

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