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Wort Volume

The directions for the American wheat beer kit that comes with the NB starter kits calls for a 2.5 gallon boil. I have a 10 gallon boil kettle… Is there a benefit to boiling with the full batch volume if you have the ability to do so? Is there ever a reason why you shouldn’t?

Be sure you have the ability to sufficiently heat the water to keep a rolling vigorous boil as most stovetops would have trouble with this. A propane burner is strongly suggested. Also, if you don’t have some form of chilling other than an icebath it will take you quite some time to cool your wort.

I don’t usually post when someone has replied with what is exactly right, but I will in this case.
You need a rolling boil and the means to cool to a few degrees below pitching temperature.

Thanks for the replies guys. I have a propane burner to keep a rolling boil going but nothing other than an ice bath to cool it with yet.

FWIW, I’ve been doing 3.5 gallon boils and chilling with an ice bath. Once I goofed and ended up with a little over 4 gallons in the pot by the time I went to chill and the ice bath took half of forever. But the 3.5 gallon seems to work out well. I figure having a little more water in the boil is better than not.

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