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Wort to sweet?

I just brewed my first all grain batch and found my wort to be really sweet. I was brewing a pale ale and am just really suprised with how it tasted. Should it be like this of did I screw something up???

Thanks in advance.

Have you fermented it yet? What were the gravity readings?

I got 1.054 as an OG and fermenting now.

If it isn’t sweet, there’s something wrong, not the other way around. Wait until you make something in the 1.080 range or higher - that’s sweet!

It will get less sweet when the yeasties eat up the sugars.

See what the gravity is at the end. If it ends high, double check your mashing temperatures - could be a little high. But when tasting raw wort I would hope there to be some detectable sugar.

When tasting the final beer a lot of the malt sweetness perceived will have to do with the bittering rate as well. I like a little malt sweetness there as long as it is ballanced in the end. Maybe your wort is suffering from a lack of bitterness as opposed to sweetness.

Wouldn’t it be cool to mash some malt and run off beer instead of wort? Someone should genetically engineer malt to do that. I hate waiting weeks for beer to arrive.

Yeah, sweet is a good thing. You’re good to go!

If it’s not sweet you’re doing it wrong.

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