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Wort stratification

Winter and I am away from my AG setup so I did an extract kit yesterday from our host. It’s the Brickwarmer holiday red. Brewed it a couple of years ago and we enjoyed it. Strong enough so you won’t care about being warm and the Mrs. likes it.

The expected OG from the instruction sheet is 1.079. Sounded about right with the fermentables. What I got was 1.10 So I mixed it up a little since this is the time to introduce O2 anyway and took another sample. 1.10 again. Shrugged my shoulders and sprinkled on the yeast. This morning it is bubbling away nicely.

Usually I don’t bother with an OG with an extract kit but had my hydrometer handy so why not.

Add more water no ?

Maybe it was just an anomaly yesterday… Mine was way over too! Any one else?

Could have added water but I thought a tried and true recipe kit would be somewhat accurate so it was my measurements that were off. I topped up the wort with water in a bucket that I’m pretty sure has accurate graduations.

If indeed my OG measurement was correct then I will end up with a mighty strong beer. Bonus!

I really posted this for those newer brewers (hey that rhymed) that were confused by the surprising gravity readings they got. I always figured it will come out beer.

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