Wort emergency!

I got called into a work emergency just as my wort reached boiling! I was able to cool it to 70 degrees in about 10 minutes and cover it up, never added any malt or hops. Is it okay to bring it back to boil when I get home or should I just pitch it and try to get more grains?

I think you’ll be fine. You got it to a boil (or near), so I’d bet most everything was killed off, or at least really, really harmed.

I think the most likely thing would be a lacto-bacillus infection - that is all over raw/malted grain. That turns your mash sour very quickly, so if it doesn’t smell sour when you get home, I’d think you’d be fine. Heck, even if it does, boiling will kill it off, and a slight souring can be a good think (tangy) in some beers.

Good luck, but I doubt you’ll need it.

Oh, it might have been better not to cool it at all. If it was at ~ 210 when you left, I bet it would still be above 140 when you got home, and probably pretty resistant to criiter growth.


You will be fine because you are going to be boiling it when you start over. since you didnt add hops to it then it shouldnt effect the wort.

If you didn’t add malt, isn’t it water, not wort?

My reading comprehension sucks! I saw ‘hops’ but not ‘malt’, and the question about the grain? I’m guessing he did some steeping grains, and is doing extract? I also guess we need more info!

Yep, I expect hot water will survive just fine :lol:


[quote=“Denny”]If you didn’t add malt, isn’t it water, not wort?[/quote] I did not catch that either. :cheers:

Yeah, it was just the water and the grains, I had just brought it to a boil and had to bail. No malt, no hops added yet. I guess I was worried that the steeping water would be like old tea and give off flavors. But you have all assured me that if I boil it again, everything should be just fine. Thanks for your help.