Wort Chiller

The fishing is slowing down out on the island, so the brewing is picking up. I started AG last spring with a buddy, and will slowly be building my own setup this winter. I started with a wort chiller. I’m a plumber, so I was able to get 50’ of 1/2" soft copper at wholesale pricing (even better than my standard discount at the supply house), and just used some other things I had laying around. I’ve got like $70 into this puppy. So long ice bath. Might give a shot at a mash tun, although I’m not looking forward to drilling all those holes into the copper tubing… Oh BTW, the electrical tape is only so I could solder the two risers together…

Looks good. What did you use to coil the copper tubing around?

That soda keg. Very simple to do even alone, took like 1/2 hour. Soldering isn’t the easiest to do if you’re not familiar with it, but just make sure your joints are clean, and dont be afraid to put the flux to it. Draw the solder to the heat.

I’m considering upgrading my 50 foot 1/2 inch soft copper chiller to 100 feet. What does a 100 foot roll of this stuff cost at the local plumbing supply house?

I’ll check if 100’ rolls are available. The one sets up a little higher than the 5 gal mark in my kettle. Another thing: I see a lot of people connect their IC’s to a sink. FYI, a sinks flow rate is fairly low, where an actual hose bibs runs at 5GPM. That being said, you can greatly drop your cooling time by running this off of a hose bib.

That looks like a beast for $70! Way to use your hookups from work.

7 Mins from flame out to pitching temp on 5+ gallons.

Looks like a really nice job done on that one.

Don’t want to drill holes in copper tube for the mash tun, looks like folks use braided stainless steel covers from water supply lines pretty well.

What size tubing is best for a chiller?
1/2" 3/8" ?

1/2" will chill faster than 3/8" for any given length, more surface area.

Bigger the better. this is 1/2" i.d., which is 5/8" o.d… Less restriction of flow, higher surface area. Anything larger would be really difficult to bend. I suggest running any chiller off of a hose bib as they run at 5gpm.

Wow, I knew copper went way up but I was looking at prices and it’s nuts!

I can buy a ready made chiller for LESS than the copper tubing to make one!
I’ll have to do more shopping LOL