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Wort chiller help

I have an immersion chiller that has been leaking on the “in” side. I fixed this by soldering on a garden hose connector, instead of the vinyl tubing. However, I think this might have been soldered onto the “out” side. So when my water goes into the chiller, it will go to the bottom of the chiller and then exit at the top. Does that make sense? So my question is, will my chiller still perform ok, or do I need to move the garden hose connector so that the water starts at the top and exits from the bottom of the coil? Thanks in advance!

If you stir the wort during the chilling it doesn’t matter.

The correct way is water enters the one that goes to the bottom and exits out the top.

It doesn’t matter, either way there is the same surface area and you run fast enough that the coil stays full. +1 to the key being to stir constantly while chilling. Once I figured that out I cut my time by more than half.

Thanks for the advice guys. I’ve always stirred the wort as I cooled it, so it sounds like everything will work out fine.

I recommend that the cold water enter at the top where the hottest wort is. But it’s probably not very important.[quote=“chuck”]The correct way is water enters the one that goes to the bottom and exits out the top.[/quote]

The ones that I have seen put the cold side at the bottom I guess it wouldn’t make a lot of difference but I was just pointing out what I’ve seen.

To me the hottest is going to be at the bottom where the burner is and that mass will transfer heat after it is shut off so maybe that’s why it’s done.

I have in the past turned on a fan blowing on the bottom of my kettle just to help cool down the burner seemed to have worked.

Right now I’m thinking of just staying inside and keeping cool since it’s a record 101 deg outside.

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