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Wort chiller discolored?

Hello I have a copper immersion wort chiller an I notice this discoloring Here a pic

That’s pretty much how mine looks, a little oxidation. Not a problem and not an infection as you are likely boiling this bad boy for 20 minutes or so each brew day. Scrubbing it excessively or cleaning it with chemicals is not recommended. I rinse mine asap after chilling is complete to get the trub off of it and wipe it down with a clean rag…that’s it.

I believe a soak in some star san should clean that right up.

Just curious…why a sanitizer?

The acidity of star san brings it back to that shiny luster. :heart_eyes:

Same as the wort, with its low pH… Before I put it into the wort, I will rinse and give it a quick once over with a scrub brush… And as Voodoo sez, put it in the wort early enough, it can get boiled for a nice sanitizing period… After you’ve chilled your brew, pull it and give it a good rinse, and I used my brush again… Sneezles61

It sure will. They first time I dunked my CF chiller in Star San I couldn’t believe how shiny it came out. Like @voodoo_donut I just rinse off my IC to get any noticeable gunk off and dunk in at the end of the boil.

The discoloration is normal so whatever makes you happy.

Like most everyone else I sanitize my wort chiller in the boiling wort and hose & brush it off when done. I believe the oxidation layer actually protects the copper underneath. So, I never try to make it shiny.

Asked Jaded brewing when I bought the hydra chiller. They recommended I save the first few gallons of hot water from the chiller to dunk it in after use. That’s about all they recommended.

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