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Wort chiller adapter for Grohe faucet

Hey everyone, almost ready to brew my first beer. Has anyone connected a Grohe kitchen faucet to the wort chiller hose adapter? The standard adapter is not the right size. I would rather not run a hose from outside of my house inside, don’t think the good old wife will appreciate that. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.


Would probably help if you specified the model number, but can you remove the aerator from the faucet? If so, take it to Home Depot and match up the thread pattern and try to match the other side to a female hose end. It might take 2-3 pieces to get there, though.

I meant to provide the link: … s/ladylux/

I can take off the end of the faucet, but it didn’t seem that the Depot had the right sizes for a connector.

Got any mom-and-pop hardware stores in your area? Take the fittings with you and see if they can piece it together.

Sheesh, I also have a Grohe kitchen faucet and IIRC, it was $627 brand new. Not a chance in hell that I would screw anything on it to get water. Isn’t there another cheaper faucet in the house?

What about a 1/4 hp utility pump?
Set it in the sink, run the faucet wfo and feed the chiller with the pump.
And then you have a pump when you’re ready to step up to recirculating ice water through your chiller, on hot summer days or for lagers.

I have the same problem - pull-out faucet ($$$) with oddball shape for the connector.

There may be another option - tee off the water line under the sink, add another shut-off valve before it goes to the faucet line. Similar to how the dishwasher comes off the hot side. I looked briefly for a tee at HD but didn’t find the right combination of in/out ports.

It could start with something like this to get an extra outlet under the sink, then probably a valve with a hose adapter: ... D4X06As3Tp

I have the same problem. Looks like the thread might be 21 x 1.5 mm. I’m going to verify this and then try to make an adapter out of plastic.

Sorry for the late reply guys, was gearing up for my first brew. I checked the Depot and a plumbing store, Grohe simply doesn’t have an attachment for that size thread. Brewed my first beer this past Sunday, ran a hose from my backyard to my kitchen. Only gotcha was I had too much pressure and the wort chiller was shooting water all over my kitchen, fun times. I secured the exit hose into the sink and had to tighten the intake hose clamp. Wort still chilled in 15 minutes, hopefully the beer comes out ok.

As far as the kitchen faucet goes, I agree, only way to get it to work is a T connector under the sink, which sucks, but it is what it is.


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