Worst Brew Day

Figured I would outline the worst possible brew day. First, copied the Tripel recipe at 6:00 am so I could hit my local store at lunch time. I messed up when copying the recipe and added 1.4 lbs of chocolate malt and several other grains. Did a yeast starter that seemed off. On brew day, I did not close the valve on the brew kettle and my first runnings poured out onto the driveway. Figured I would keep going and did a second and third running. Pitched the yeast and now I have absolutely no activity. I guess if you are going to make mistakes, should do them all at one time.

I would like to say something to cheer you up but I’m at a loss. Look at the bright side nobody got hurt and you didn’t burn the house down

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Don’t give up. The yeast may be just getting ready to go. Occasionally mistakes turn out to be very tasty, but can’t be duplicated.

Consider it a learning experience. Brew on.

How long since you pitched the yeast?