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Worry for FG

I* had to bottle after a 2 week ferment (primary bucket) - I’ll be away for a while.

It’s a partial mash Oatmeal Stout

5 lb grain
1 lb oatmeal
3 lb lme
1 lb dme

dry yeast

OG 1.044
FG 1.014

That’s the highest FG I’ve had. 2 weeks has always done it for me, but I’m worried about bottle bombs.

I know taking hydrometer readings several days in a row is best, but this trip came up suddenly, so I went ahead and bottled. It tasted good.

Any fears?

I’m assuming this is a 5 gallon batch. The FG is not too far off considering the lb of oatmeal. What was your anticipated FG?

I wouldn’t let these condition at room temperature for too long as you may end up with some bottle bombs.

Good luck!

It is a 5 gallon batch. I don’t know hoe to anticipate FG, but it is the highest I’ve had. Most of mine have been 1.01, or 1.012.

The oatmeal leaves more unfermentables (soluble fiber), 1.014 is fairly dry for an oatmeal stout. Chances are very good its done, I personally think you are fine. I bottle ales after two weeks all the time. The yeast was probably about done chewing up the sugars in under a week.

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