Worried about Last Batch

Hello All,

I brewed my 3rd batch last Saturday and am a little worried about it and thought I would ask the experts, you guys.

I brewed my own experimental version of an Espresso Vanilla Brown Porter and pitched it with White Labs WLP007, which I have used before and really liked.

I pitched the Yeast at 65F and tucked it away under my stairs where its a constant temp of about 60F.
When i checked it on Monday I noticed very little action both on the bubbler and on the amount of krause. I gave it another 24hrs and and noticed a little more action in the bubble but the krause was only about 1/8th of an inch.

By last night all activity seems to have stopped and the krause has all but dissipated from the surface of the beer.

I am using a 6 gallon glass carboy so i am not having to open a bucket lid to see what the activity looks like.

I am fairly new to brewing on my own, so any thoughts on what may be happening and what i may be able to do to fix this is appreciated.



You probably didn’t make a starter for the yeast, did you? You really need to proof the yeast prior to pitching. Take a gravity reading.

I will take a gravity reading once i get home.
I did a reading before i pitched the yeast and it was at 1.040

As far as the starter goes, I proof it since i had such good luck on my first 2 batches when pitching.

Is the yeast all dead?
Do I need to pitch a new batch of yeast?

What should i look for when taking the new gravity reading?

Look for something like 1.012 or thereabouts. If it is higher, then pitch a packet of US-05 dry ale yeast. That will do the trick.

Just a question, but why pitch the US-05 dry ale yeast instead of going with another WLP007?

[quote=“B3wild3r”]Just a question, but why pitch the US-05 dry ale yeast instead of going with another WLP007?[/quote]Just easier and cheaper. You can use either but to make another starter will take a couple more days and lots of effort.

If it’s not fermenting (still near starting gravity) I would go with 2 packets of US-05 sprinkled right on top, because that’s going to be the quickest way to hit it with enough yeast to get the job done.

Ok, sounds good, ill stop by my LHBS to pick up some yeast after work.

Thank you again for your assistance