Worried about infection

So I just cracked the lid on my primary to do a dry hop and I decided to taste a small sample to see how close it is. I’m in the process of moving so a lot of my kitchen stuff is boxed up, anyway to make a long story short, I decided to use a bit of tubing from my brewing gear to extract just a bit. I washed the end of the tubing in starsan and put it in the beer and sucked to get some into the tube then I closed the top end to keep that little sample in the bottom (think sticking a straw in a drink and putting your finger over the end to keep the liquid in). Unfortunately the pressure dropped and the sample splashed back into my carboy. What do you think the risk of infection is at this stage? I was able to taste it and it tasted pretty close and it’s a high ABV beer so I’m hoping if nothing else the alc content will be enough to kill anything off but I’m a little worried.
Should I be??

Thanks all!

There is always a chance of infection, but in this case I think it is slight. Next time keep the suction going as you pull the tubing out and lift the end upward. Stop before your cheeks are fully expanded.

Maybe time to get a piece of ridged plastic tubing just for that, or what I use is a wine thief….Sneezles61

+1 The wine thief will be one of your cheapest but best brewing tools. For a small sample just to taste, just dunk the tubing in, put your (sanitized) thumb over the top and pull it out. No need for suction.

If it has been fermenting for a while I would not be worried. The alcohol content will help protect it.

The beer thief from NB is about 5 or 6 bucks if I remember. Possibly cheaper elsewhere. Great investment.

It also takes a few less dips to get yer flask filled to take a gravity test! Sneezles61 :cheers: