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Worried about first batch

I just made my first batch yesterday and when I woke up this morning these white particles were at the top of the carboy. I am a bit worried that I might have contaminated the batch even though I went through a lengthy sanitization process. I was wondering if some of the more seasoned veterans would might weighting in before I decide to dump it.

I’m certainly not an old vet, but it appears that the source of the white stuff came from your airlock. What did you use to sanitize it? From the photo, the wort looks perfectly fine other than just below the airlock. Can’t say i’ve ever seen that before. Maybe you could remove the airlock & sanitize the top of the carboy with starsan(also the airlock). Then keep an eye on it. Good luck!

Looks like dried yeast? Did you pour liquid yeast in? Does it go up into the airlock or is that the flash? I can’t imagine something growing that fast?

I used the yeast packet that was provided and no that was as far up as it went.

Its just yeast. It happens to me sometimes when using the dry yeast. It got stuck to the top when pouring it in and pressure from fermenting pushed it up, No worries. Your beer will be fine.

Thank you everyone for the input. I appreciate it.

Which yeast did you use? Most kits have a dry and liquid option.

I bet you are fine.

It’s a one gallon kit. They come with dry yeast. Some of the dry yeast got stuck i the neck of the jug when he pitched. It bloomed there. All is well. Brew on!

Have the exact same thing going on with a batch that is about a week in the fermenter… not am much as you have in the picture, but definitely same thing… just where my dried yeast stuck to the jug a little when I was pouring in… glad to put my worries at ease abit now!

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