Worried about bottle bombs

I just bottled a slightly modified NB’s Dead Ringer (used rye in addition to stock grain for little flavor twist) and though I was pretty sure ferment was finished as it had become stable over the last 5 days (airlock had stopped amd though I know that’s not the best indicator, I went ahead and got it bottled up), I opened a test bottle 2 days after bottling just for fun to try the flavor and I was nervous to find that it had some residual sweetness. My worry is that there is more unfermented sugar in there than I had anticipated and I’m starting to worry about bottle bombs. Any ideas for how I should cautiously proceed?

How long was it in the primary? I’m assuming you didn’t take any gravity readings?

If you are worried about it, after a couple of days you could open some of them and recap.

I can’t think of anything else to do, other than keep them in a cooler then usual spot.

After only two days in the bottle I’m not surprised that you detected residual sweetness; it’s most likely due to the priming sugar.

No I didn’t take gravity readings, I know I should have but I didn’t for this batch. So will cold crashing them in a few days essentially halt any additional ferment that may be happening?

Ken, that is what I initially thought, but I didn’t think the priming sugar would be enough to detect in its taste, though I could be completely wrong. I’m likely over reacting, it’s just definitely better safe than sorry when it comes to explosives haha.


My guess is that all is OK. If it fermented well and was essentially still for 5 da and there was no reason for it to have stopped (temperature dip, etc.) then it was probably ready to bottle. You didn’t say if it was already gassy when you opened that one. I can’t imagine that one could blow before a week - check one each week (mine take about 4wks to be properly carbonated and conditioned.

Thanks, will do! The one I oppened had just a touch of fizz initially but dissipated within seconds as expected. I will keep checking.

You may have been tasting the sweetness of the Caramel 40, at least I hope. I don’t taste the Dead Ringer for at least four weeks. Then it is just starting to get really good.