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Worried 1056 got warm

My first all grain brew session went great. Dead Ringer recipe. Pitched Wyeast 1056 at 66 degrees Saturday afternoon. Sunday was a little warmer than planned and ambient was reading 70-72 at noon, 73 at 8 pm, and Monday morning it was 75.

Cooled down Monday, so I threw it out in the garage that morning, with a wet tshirt on it. Came home around 1 PM and it was reading 63. Whew!!

Will this 24hours of warm temp affect my beer? It was going crazy when I got home monday, and is still pretty active. Hoping first all-grain batch isn’t ruined! Planning on getting temp controller for fridge, so I don’t have to worry about this anymore.

I’m going to say it won’t be ruined but it most likely will have some affect. Those first 24-48 hours during the lag time and the growth period for the yeast are pretty important.

1056 is fairly forgiving of warmer temperatures. You should be okay.

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