Workhorse Grain Bill

Does anyone else have a Workhorse Recipe? You know, the one you use to try out new yeasts, hops, equipment, etc.
This is mine, for what it’s worth.
9# Pale Ale Malt, usually Great Western
1# Munich 20L
8 oz Flaked Barley (Sometimes Flaked Oats)
8 oz Melanoiden
2 oz Black Patent.

I usually try for about 1.058 SG

Curious if anyone else has a generic house recipe.


Sure. I build my pales and IPAs off the same grain bill. My Pilsner grain bill for my saisons. I have an amber grain bill I build a bunch of recipes off same with my Porter. It’s like soup stock.

My base recipe is 9# of Great Western 2 row, around .375# each of crystal 60 and biscuit malt for a 5.25 gallon batch of pale ale. Substitute pilsner malt for the american 2 row and it’s good for european style pilsners.