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Worked better than I thought

Last year I cut some of my goldings shoots and stuck them inthe ground to see if they’d catch.
I managed to get two of them going, but they only made it to around three feet long so I though, “Oh, well.” They both started coming up again this year only a few days after the main rhizome.

I did the same thing yesterday with one of my cascades. A shoot was coming up farther from the crown than I want so I cut it out and stuck it where I would like to have one more hop growing. Had a decent rain last night and the shoot is standing up. I figured it was worth a shot. It it does not take I have a couple more out shoots I can try.

I too experimented last year with this. My centennial and Zeus were getting crazy so I trimmed them back an transferred them, they took and I had a few 6 ft bines off each. This is year two for them so I’m pretty excited to see how they do.

I cut some large rhizomes off of my 2nd year plants this spring and am planting them in sunny places in the woods next to my house. My wife won’t let me have any more of the garden

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