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Wooden rack for drying bottles?

My wife was going to toss out a large spool thread rack last night and I had an idea. If I wash it real good would that work for a bottle drying rack? Spray some sterilizer on it before putting bottles on it? I have attached a picture of a similar unit.

I would think the wood surface would be hard to fully sterilize/sanitize, so I would still do a starsan dunk for 2 minutes just prior to filling bottles.

I second what Voodoo_donut said. Wood is organic and porous so it is really hard to sanitize, plus they can be a breeding ground for fungus when wet. I’d stick to plastics or metals personally.

Paint it with mildew and fungus resistance paint.

That would totally work! I would consider yourself lucky that you came up on that. You can buy plastic dowel sleeves or covers online. They come in various sizes and would be removable so you could put them in a bucket of sanitizer then slip them over the dowels when your about to use the rack. Or you could sleeve the dowels with food grade hose and just put some star San in a spray bottle prior to using the rack. Just spray the dowels that are covered with the hose. Obviously you would want to buy hose that created a snug fit. As for the plastic covers, they should be loose so they are easy to take off and on.

Good luck! Send a pic when it’s done.

Sorry I forgot to add:
As for the cost of covering all those dowels, it may be more cost effective to buy a brand new rack anyway. Just a thought

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