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Won't carbonate

I made an IIPA back in the spring. It started out around 1.09X and ended at 1.010. I used honey to prime (8oz. for just shy of 5the gallons). Sat for 2 weeks and did not carbonate. Let it sit 2 more, nothing. NB guys suggested adding a few drops of yeast to each bottle, 2 weeks, nothing.

I’m about to dump it all back in the bottling bucket with regular priming sugar, and a touch more yeast. That or carb tabs.

Any ideas or do I have some Kansas Pale Ale (cause it’s so flat)

If you do dump it back into the bottling bucket, I’d suggest making a small starter (less than 100 ml) ahead of time and pitch it into the beer right before you bottle again. That way you know your bottling yeast is active.

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