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WLP802 yeast experience?

I just brewed an imperial pilsner Saturday and pitched 2 vials of WLP802 saturday night. I still have no krausen and no activity in the beer itself. I used o2, yeast nutrient. My mash efficiency was way off (supposed to hit 1100 preboil according to brew target and only hit 1082). but everything else was fine. Recipe below… any thoughts? Is this a slow acting yeast?

20lbs pilsner
1.5lbs carapils

1.75 sterling @ 75min
1.75 Sterling @ 30 min
1.75 Sterling @ 15 min
1.75 Sterling @ 0 min
Whirloc at 15min
yeast nutrient @ 15min

cooled to 54* and hit it with 40 sec of o2

pitched 2 vials of WLP802 … 48 hours later… NOTHING!!

Wait another day. It will take off.

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