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wlp775 English cider Yeast

Okay so I pitched Saturday and I had one carboy ferment like crazy. Now the other one nothing so I’m really confused I pitched at the same time as the first one and same recipe. I’m going for a sweet apple cider here are my numbers. I have stirred it every 8 hours trying to get it going I even put in nutrient as well and nothing this is the 2nd day its sat. So I get two vials tomorrow in the mail do I still wait it out or re pitch? so I’m really confused that one is going hard as hell and the other is really stalled. I even made a started with some warm water and some sugar in the mix it was foaming when I put it in the carboy.

Fg- 1.010

temp 75 degrees

My 1st one after 2 days is at 1.055 already so its went down about a third in 48 hours amazing.

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