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Should White Labs WLP665 Flemish Ale Blend be used in the secondary? If so, what yeast would be recommended for primary fermentation?

Wow, this question really baffles me. I don’t think I have ready anywhere about pitching yeast intentionally as a secondary. And a different one at that.

The WLP 665 Flemish Ale Blend has brett, lacto and pedio in it, in additon to saccharomyces. White Labs has the blend listed on its Brettanomyces and Bacteria page ( At the bottom of that page it says:

Please note:
Cultures are for use in traditional “brett” secondary fermentations.

I have read differing things about whether or not these blends should be used in the primary or the secondary. Northern Brewer, for instance, has a recipe for Berliner Weisse that uses the blend in the primary, but other recipes I’ve read mention doing a primary fermentation with saccharomyces and then adding the bugs into the secondary. I’m assuming trying to create a Flanders Red with WLP 665 could be fermented the same way.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about using these brett cultures? Which way do you prefer? What are the differences in the finished product?

Thanks for the help.

use it in primary.

I’ve pitched healty starters in a secondary on my high OG ales. usually the same strain. I’m not talkin’ bulk age either, but a true second fermentation.

That is why it baffled me, I did not understand, thanks

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