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WLP630 Berliner Weisse

Anyone use the WLP630 Berliner Weisse blend? Any tips, thoughts, suggestions?

I have not used the blend, but our club just did berliners for our monthly competition and all the best ones used either a sour mash for 2-3 days or a warm lacto fermentation before adding yeast. the yeast will generally out compete the lacto, resulting in low to no sourness if pitched at the same time. I would either do a sour mash (be sure to keep a blanket of CO2 over the mash to avoid acetobacter) or a really warm lactobacillus only fermentation (in the 70’s for a week, or as high as 100 for a day or two), then add some yeast to finish attenuation. Ive done some experimenting with different methods over the past year, and starting the Lacto separately before picthing the yeast seems to work best. If you intend to age a beer for awhile, the blend might work better, but if you are making a Berliner or a Gose, pitch separately.

Thanks for the advice… one of the guys from my beer club gave me a vial that was old. He just didn’t have the time to culture it up. So I figured why not. It’s in 1L starter now built up from 500mL… so why not try it, right?

I will try the blend, but then I like the idea of sour mashing… I’m certainly not afraid of trying it

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