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I wanted to make a nice winter warmer that didn’t require a long aging period but would still benefit from it if I decided to age a few. So I decided on a Belgian dark strong. I was considering the recipe in Brewing Classic Styles and this uses the WLP540/WY1762. Does anyone have any experience using this yeast especially in a beer this big (target O.G. 1.103)? Just wondering what to expect and if this yeast is finicky in any way. This will be my first Belgian and my first beer over 1.070 so this is a relatively new territory for me.

Actually after doing a little more research on this style, it appears aging is really required to get the flavors to meld. Oh well…back to the drawing board :slight_smile:

Any suggestions on bigger Belgian beers that taste good fresh as well as aged?

Maybe a Belgian tripel in the 8.0-8.5 range?

I used wpl540 once in a port barrel Belgian brown ale. The recipe came from the book extreme brewing.I converted it to all grain and skipped the lactobacillus. Turned out really nice light fruity cherry figgs little woody wine after taste from the port soaked oak chips. Great young and great great with little age.

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