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WLP250 American Pub Ale *new

Got to try 4 beers over the weekend with this strain. Nice clean ferment, mouthfeel, and awesome flocc from what i hear… A better option than WLP001 IMHO. It’s Rebel Brewer’s house strain they should be rolling out for sale in the next couple of weeks.

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This is interesting but I couldn’t find any information about this strain online. Do you know anything more about it?

I’m sure when they actually release the strain they will have all the specs on it posted.Tom said it would be in a few weeks…White Labs kinda messed up the label, from what I remember it’s suppose to say something like “Rebel American Pub Ale”, so they have to re-run some

Wonder if this is WL’s version of CL-50

That’s the direction I was headed in as well. I’ve been brewing alot with Wyeast 1450 and would be happy to have a WLP equivalent.

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