WLP076 New Albion Yeast

Hi All, has anyone used WLP076? I read about New Albion in either BYO or Zymurgy and liked the simplicity of the original recipe. I’ve been turning my designs into the less is more approach; simpler grains, less crystals, adjuncts etc. So I’m inclined to try this yeast. Just looking for anyone with experience in its use.

Thanks, Mike

From White Labs: WLP 076

Yeast from the historical brewery that led the way for the craft beer movement. Opened in 1976 in Sonoma, CA, the New Albion Brewery changed the face of beer for a new generation of beer lovers. This strain is a traditional British-style yeast, in honor of Sir Francis Drake, who claimed the area that is now believed to be Northern California. A neutral and versatile strain, it is a great choice for pale ales, porters, and stouts.

So far, no amateur has used it. It is due to become available in May, I believe. I away that article in BYO, and I plan to brew New Albion myself. I andhad the commercial version by Sam Adams this winter and really enjoyed it. It’s not a huge hop bomb, it’s not a mind blowing whatever, what it is, is a well crafted, easy drinking brew. I saw the recipe was just 2-row and cascade, I think. I may toss a bit a crystal malt in mine when I brew, for a dash of color and complexity, but it’s basically easy enough for anyone to make.

I didn’t notice the May date but that works out fine for my next batch.

I liked the simplicity ofthe Albion recipe, basically a SMaSH, and I have been fashioning several recipes with the “less is more” mentality. I’d agree about adding some crystal. Not much, maybe some 40 for a little color depth, maybe a little carapils for some head retention and a touch of sweetness. Cascade is my forever goto hop btw.