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WLP028 Edinburgh Ale

First time using this strain. I made a 1L starter for a Sotttish Export 80. The yeast took off quickly and was hard working for about 36 hrs. 72 hrs after pitch, there isn’t any activity. The OG was 1.052. Pitched at 65F. Placed in a swamp cooler. However, its been cold. I’ve tried to keep the cooler at around 68 but it keeps dropping to 61. I keep raising the temp but it drops back down within a few hours. Could this strain be done this quickly or has it stalled?

I know I need to take some gravity readings to know for sure. It’s only been 4 days since I brewed so it’s too soon. I like keeping my beer in primary for 3 weeks. Then again, I’m used to US-05.

If you’ve used this strain, is this a common behavior, to be done quickly?

No, I think you are right on with that time frame. That being said, I know you said you tried, but those yeast don’t like the temp swings. So find a way to keep a more stable temp during fermentation. Take some gravity readings and report back and go ahead and leave it in the primary for three or four weeks. Enjoy

1.021… Guess this strain has worked hard. There is a huge yeast cake. That’s the fastest fermentation I’ve had.

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