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WLP013 London Ale

I did a starter with this yeast and it looked a little different then most other yeast. The yeast flocs were so large, it looked like a snow globe when sitting on the stir plate. The large chunks settled very quickly, too. Is that normal for this yeast? Of course I’m assuming it’s yeast flocs, and not break material. I don’t normally have break material like that.

One of my main concerns for this, is when I opened it, it gushed out of the vial. I’ve read that can be normal with White Labs. I just hope there is nothing wrong with the yeast or there was an infection. The starter went as usual and smells fine.

I want to use the yeast for a couple batches, so I just would like reassurance that it’s OK, or it’s not.


It’s fine and a great yeast.

Thanks, I’ll be pitching in an hour!

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