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WLP007 YEAST starter.....HEEEELP!

Hey really quick, I just pitched some 007 into a starter yesterday which in on a stirplate. I woke up today and it’s full of chunky creamy gunk swirling around inside. I talked to a friend this morning who used WLP005 and the same thing happened. Is this a yeast style thing or what? It’s a 2000ml starter at 1.035 OG using light DME, 1/4tspn Fermaid K, anti foam. Been on the stirplate for about 20 hrs

Totally normal - some British strains just do that. Sure looks weird though.

Looks like egg drop soup. Haha yeah never used this stuff before and wasn’t expecting to wake up to that!

Yep, that goes to show you the flocculation properties of English yeast. Is this for your Bourbon Imperial Stout type beer? If so, after a period of fermentation swirl the fermenter a little to get yeast back into suspension. Sometimes the English strains will flocculate out on big beers causing a higher FG.

This happened to a buddy of mine with his RIS. He went to tap it, pulled the PRV and it shot all over the ceiling, walls, and floors. Good stuff this homebrewing!

I can totally picture this happening! It’s the kind of thing I would do.

Yeah this is for that imperial stout. I’m doing a two stage starter and brewing next Sat. So how long after primary has begun should I rouse it? Just if I see it slowing down too soon?
Oh so he racked it into a keg and it roused the yeast enough to keep fermenting? When he pulled the PRV the CO2 pressure from fermenting blew up? Yuk!!!

My barleywine was in secondary for two months. I purposefully racked over some yeast. I still get some extra foam on the occasional bottle, so yeah, rouse it. I’d do this at the end of primary, maybe twice. I know oxidation is a bad word, but on big beers, a touch is actually not a bad thing? I’m not saying shake the crap out of it, but a stir or two could help.

Cool sounds good. I hear a lot of great things about this yeast, but it doesn’t sound like one you can really set and forget

That’s exactly what happened. Racking to keg roused enough yeast to restart fermentation. Big mess, especially with a deep dark beer like RIS.

Yeah after fermentation has slowed swirl it gently enough to get the sediment at the bottom to kick back up.

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