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WLP007 for Pliny the Elder?

I happen to have WLP007 on hand and wondering how 007 would work for a Pliny the Elder clone?

With the massive load of hops (13 oz.), will there be much difference in perceivable esters if using 007 and temperature controlled instead of 001 or another Chico strain?

I am brewing the MoreBeer Pliny clone.

Should work really well - WLP007 is a monster even at lower pitching/fermentation temps.

Given the same wort and fermentation conditions, which yeast, 001 or 007, will attenuate the furthest?

If attenuation is your only concern I would go with 007 but the flavor profiles are a bit different. expect more fruity esters. If you’re looking for an exact Pliny clone then I would use 001. Either will make a good beer I’m sure.

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