Wlp 575

I’m getting to know the available Belgian style yeasts and have gone through most of the Wyeast offerings. I recently became interested in White Labs 575 – the attraction being that it is pitched (sorry, couldn’t resist) as a yeast that doesn’t require a lot of manipulation as compared to the single strains since it is a blend of three belgian style yeasts. This would be a big benefit for me since I have very little control over fermentation temp, only to insulate the carboy in my 62F basement so that the yeast can move the temp up from my usual pitching temp of 64 - 66F. Most of the time I get temps rising to the low to mid 70s and I’ve had very good attenuation according to the information Wyeast gives for their yeasts.

My questions; Has anyone used WLP 575 and what advise can you give me with the restrictions I mentioned above? Also, after using the yeast cakes for a couple of generations, does one strain predominate/does the character of the product change? My hope is to use the WLP 575 for Belgian style Blond, Dubbel, Tripel, and perhaps Patersbier, Quad and Strong Golden – are these appropriate styles for the 575?

Note: I use yeast starter cultures, oxygenate the wort, do full volume boils and am doing partial mash, but will be moving to all grain in the near future.

Thanks for any advise you can send my way.