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WLP-029 Alt/Kolsch

I recently went to a small micro in Loveland,CO and talked with one of the owners. He offered me their Dussel/Alt. It was really crisp and clear with no sweetness or friutyness that I could detect. Really a fine example. I asked him about the ferment and was shocked to hear that they used 029 and fermed at 67 deg! They really have it together over there, they had one an award at the GABF this last fall. Has anyone experienced these kind of results with a Kolsch or Alt with this yeast at those high temps? Really blew me away…B.C.

I don’t know their exact setup, but when fermenting under pressure you can let the temperature rise higher than normal.

Stone use WLP007 and ferment at 72, which would be undrinkable made as a homebrew.

I love the WLP029, use it a lot, but I ferment at about 62 F. Never tried it warm, but I might have to give it a shot!

Sorta’ thought you used this stuff Dave, I might try a 1/2 batch and go with 66-67 deg and see what happens. If you try it let us know what you think, Hans brought up an interesting point. Wish you could have tried this guys Alt, was pretty much right on.

I have used 029 before at roughly that temperature with good results.

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