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Wizard's Brew At Universal Studios in Orlando

I went to Universal again, 3rd time, and every time I really enjoy the Wizard’s Brew for breakfast at Diagon Alley lol. I would like to replicate it and 2 brews come to in mind to tinker with. First is the Winter Ale from Midwest Supplies. Definitely need to be thickened up and sweeten with some lactose but is also needs some more roast. What do I need to add for that and how much?

The second beer to tinker with is NB Irish Stout. Possibly add a just a half pound of lactose as it’s already a little sweet and thicker than the Winter Ale. Already has some roast too but not quite as much as needed for Wizard’s Brew. How much needed for some extra roast flavor on this?

Any other ideas I am all ears. Thanks!!

I’ve never had it or heard of it for that matter but I googled it for a clone. Found no clone recipes on a quick look but reading the reviews on beer advocate it sounds like a sweet porter. I’d start with a porter and add lactose or reduce the hops a bit to make it on the sweeter side? If you want more roast use more roasted barley or carafa.

I did made the winterale. Only what i did add more spices. To give it a more winter tatste. Flav. Bit more all spice and nutmeg cinnamon soaked in vodka. Came out awesome

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