Witbier with WY3787?

I know WY3787 isn’t a Belgian wit yeast, but how do you think it would work? I know it throws off clove/ banana esters (if I’m not mistaken) and I know the yeast is important for a wit. Would I be way off the mark, or would this combo turn out well…Thoughts??

I think it might turn out pretty good. A lot of abbey ales use a fair proportion of wheat in them, so I don’t think you’re that far off the mark. If you give it a go, let us know how it turns out. :cheers:

It will be more like a Patersbier than a wit. 3787 doesn’t have the level of phenolics that a wit yeast would and is much fruitier.

Not a wit, but not necessarily bad.

Yup. It’s the yeast cake from a patersbier that I’ll be using, so I’ll have enough of that style around. Any suggestions on what to use this yeast cake for…The obvious answer is a trip, which I would gladly do, but the Mrs. wants a wheat. I may have to brew both- what bad luck :lol:

If it was me, I would use that whole cake for a Blonde, Abbey, Strong, etc, and buy a proper Wit yeast. Only saying, Wits are special In their own way.

when you say she wants a “wheat”, what exactly do you mean? Not necessarily a specific style, but what flavor profile does she want? A lot of styles use wheat as a fermentable.

If she wants something real clean and easy drinking, I would say use (a portion of) the cake you have, 50-60% 2-row/pils; 30-40% wheat, remainder light munich to about 1.055-60, noble hops to 20-25 IBU (more late hops if you like), and ferment in the low 60’s. Yeast character should be subtle.

If she wants a witbier, for the love of God man, brew her a witbier (with wit yeast)! Then use your cake to make a trip or BGSA/BDSA/(quad?) that you can age for awhile.

Her favorite is HoeGaaden, so she wants a Belgian wit for sure. Sounds like I will just have to brew more beer…Ok, not the worst problem to have :lol: . The Mrs. also like the Synchronisity kit I’ve done in the past, so I’ll probably zazz a wit up with some lemon grass/ orange zest for her, and use the WY3787 cake for a trip for me…WIN-WIN!!!