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Witbeir with SafBrew T-58

Also known as SafAle T-58 on the Fermentis site.

First my rant.
Haven’t used this yeast before. Went around the internet looking for what flavors this yeast will produce at certain fermentation temperatures. Range for the yeast is 59° to 75°F. With 59° to 68°F being ideal according to Fermentis. Found the same question spanning a number of years on a few sites. Lot of responses “it’s a great yeast”, “I fermented at 80°”. No responses on what was brewed, flavor that was expected, or resulting flavor in the beer. Basically non-responses. A waste of time to post it and a waste of time for anyone looking for real information. Best information found was in this forum.

Decided to hold this Witbier at 67°. Going very strong since pitching the rehydrated yeast 2:00 PM yesterday. Air lock smells great. This beer should have a very good spicy flavor to complement the coriander and orange peel.

Undoubtedly would have needed a blow off tube if the fermentation was any warmer.

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Don’t you hate that when you can’t find any meaningful info?

I’ve never used it but would like to hear how it turns out.

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Like this post. Pretty useless… :smirk:

Or the ultimate: on this site occasionally, and Common on Homebrewtalk and Beer advocate brewing forum, goes something like this:
“alright I’m Going with Product/X and I’ll post back and let you all know how it turns out!”…
…crickets chirping in background…
…time passing…

I dunno Loopie, sympathy for shared common experiences can be useful. :innocent:


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