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Last year we had a tornado blow through my yard an ripped out some of my sugar maples. In the snag that’s growing around the stumps I have been watching this odd looking weed. I thought it was a wild Rose but it has developed what look to be rasberry. After a search I determined them to be wine berries. Anyone familiar with these? I’m thinking wineberry gose

A say what? I thought I’ve heard of a lot of garden stuff, but this one takes the prize…
Well, from out of turmoil, comes another day… Sneezles61

Apparently they are from Japan and I guess they are semi invasive.

I would choose gose.

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They are just starting to ripen and I’ve only tasted one. They are not sour and don’t taste like rasberry.

Are you still alive? :anguished: Sneezles61

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They grow wild here in CT. They taste like a tart bland raspberry. Would probably be good in a gose.

Interesting…we have something like that growing all over the place out here. I just assumed they were wild raspberries. Leaves look like raspberries…the taste of the berries is very similar to your description.

Apparently. I guess I just assumed them to be rasberry. I’ll have to keep my eyes open. I have more cultivated berries in my yard than I can process. Maybe I’ll let them grow for the wildlife to keep them out of my garden. The turkeys were into them this morning. One less battle

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